Day 1Edit

Ok so I'm officially a cast member of Haiti now. So excited! But we got out in this huge chat and the convos that go on are tbh insane. And they go on for like forever and I'm just like aren't y'all tired of talking yet? And I came back from the library not too long ago because I had to use the computer for these 3 flash games lol I completed the one for brawn and the one for brains but not the beauty one because the library was gonna close on me. I hope it doesn't affect me too much because idk if I can get back there before the deadline tomorrow  :/ anyway alliance wise I've been really quiet because everyone else is so out there and I'd rather wait till I'm in a tribe so I can strategize then. It doesn't matter what tribe I'm in tbh because my social game has always been my strongest asset so I'm gonna use that regardless. I also think because people are so outspoken that I'll be able to fly under the radar much easier than normal so I should be good for a while I think ^_^

– Tyler

(So I have an alliance with Koror and Trevor, haha... what a joke!! :) Purry is easily swayed... She is discussing whales in PM... Oh boy, this is going to be easy...

– Mika

So I hope I get the brains tribe. I spent an hour trying to perfect the brain challenge. Hopefully I'll get a good team. :3

– Koror

Well got no alliance expect tyler right now. So now I'm pretty screwed. Well I'm ready for the tribes cause I'm screwed. -_-

– Jessie

So, day 1, there aren't any tribes... and I swear, this season is up in the air. I'm playing with a bunch of rookies. By that, I don't mean they are bad players, but alot of them haven't played more than 3 seasons. I really hope I don't get targeted for being a veteran. I can guarantee that I will dominate challenges no matter what tribe I'm on.

I will quote Boston Rob. "If they were smart, they would vote me off. But they won't. They never do."

– Kevin

The hosts are great and should totes rig the game for me to win

– Cameron

Anyway, playing these fools is quite easy. I'd never object to an alliance, but how exactly am I going to follow suit with 4 F2 Deals?! Oops, guess I'll have to do a little cutting... #MaliciousMika

Me and...*sigh* Perry? Sorry, don't usually waste my time learning names, have created the #Whale Alliance... Big woop!! Koror... words to describe him... Arrogant, Cocky and Prick-ish!! Perfect description.

– Mika

Ok so confessional time. The Haiti chat is irking my last fucking nerve. Like they keep messaging it and nobody has anything to say. Like shut the fuck up -.- I just need them to stop like for real. And then they are rushing Nuno, Mike & Aaron and I'm like bitch stop tryna act like you can't wait like you got some shit to do and wait like everybody else. THEY ARE GIVING ME A HEADACHE. I hope they aren't like this all season because so far they have been a lot to handle tbh :/

– Tyler

Day 2Edit

Got these whores hook, line and sinker! Especially Jessie n' Tyler... they won't even know what him them! BAM!

– Mika

Omg thank god for a alliance. Also pretty simple I be on brains cause the score things was a lie about the ball, quiz, and the other one which I forgot and to lazy to search up. Anyways I got a alliance with everyone on my tribe and I feel pretty tight. Now sense I rock at challenges I hope they don't relie on me to do all the work. Anyways so glad to be here and next time I'll tell you who I trust between the 2 alliances I'm in.

– Jessie

kay, so that was a twist. But I feel like I did good. For the Brains challenge I ended up screenshotting the answers and then copying them down in a new quiz. I'm smart and I'm strong haha.

Anyway, I ended up on Brains tribe. Why am I always on a purple tribe in ORG's? Oh well, purple is cool! Right now, I've found my way into an alliance we call "The Sassy Salsa's." I don't know how that much came up, but I'll take it! It consists of me, Mika, Tyler, and Jessie. I don't know if I can trust Jessie, because I believe I heard he was a villain in Turkey. Sure, I play like a villain a lot, but I get people trust to me. Oh well, we just need to hold majority for a little bit. For Simon, we're using what we have. We're recording the patterns so we remember them and get higher and higher. Pretty smart, so credit to Jessie. I just gave up though. I'm not playing Simon for an hour. 21 is fine. Oh well. I'm excited for Haiti!

– Jake R.

Day 3Edit

Little ol' me, no one will expect that I'm the one spreading rumors about Jeffy! He's a threat... so why not turn my tribe against him! #MaliciousMika Leading this Sassy Salsa alliance to the slaughter house.. Haha, won't that be interesting to see implode? #MaliciousMika

Jessie has lost my trust, are you playing me for an idiot!?! No, then get the fuck out of my game!! I'm not here to be your sloppy ass friend... My current plan is to let Jessie blow up her own game, by going against her Sass Salsa alliance and continue to spill the beans to Jeffy!! However, who will be the one surprised getting their torch snuffed by Mike in a 3-2-1 vote?

Jeffy is an emotional brat, GET. OVER. YOURSELF!! I'm not here to hold you hand, so don't play kindergarden level with me... #MaliciousMika Wow, Jessie... good job at blowing your WHOLE entire trust to pieces... Bitch, get out! Wow, just wow... Apparently Jeffy was going to throw the first Challenge to get me out!! Can you believe this fucker!? #MaliciousMika

– Mika

I didn't do the challenge I hope that doesn't bite me in the ass. I'm pretty scared I could go first. I hope I don't start playing so hard. Hopfully I can trust this allainice, it's all I got to save me. My name is comming up, living up to that Kat staues.

– Cameron

So, I was put on a tribe with 3 girls and an Inactive, this couldn't have been more perfect. One of the girls, Jessy, strongly wanted us to form a Girl's alliance, and i couldn't have been happier. Now Me, Purry, and Jessy have formed the Alpha Females, a 3 Girl alliance, and if all goes well tonight, Jake goes home and we'll be in the Majority, If things don't go planned tonight, I have no clue, It could be one of us going home. I feel close with both these girls and I feel like we could all go a long way together

– Arina

Survivor ORG 6: Haiti Episode Confessionals

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