The Herd
Season Russia
Founder Edgar
Members Remained Loyal:
Aston (Day 16-36)
Edgar (Day 1-33)
Max (Day 9-21)
Mickey (Day 1-12)
Lucky (Day 9-30)
Orange (Day 9-18)
Zeke (Day 1-18)
TD (Day 9-18)
Day Formed Day 9
Enemies AHKE (All Hail King Edgar)
Lowest Placing Member Mickey (11/15)
Highest Placing Member Orange (Runner-Up)

The Herd, was a cross-tribal alliance that played a significant role in the merge of Survivor ORG 1: Russia. It was an alliance formed that was known for owning 5 of the 6 Hidden Immunity Idols in the season and using them for many blindsides and votes, but due to many members flipping and questions of distrust, the alliance quickly fell apart in the merge, and despite their best efforts, they were pagonged, and the alliance was conquered the moment Aston was voted out.



  • The Herd, along with AHKE (All Hail King Edgar), were the first alliances ever created in the series.
  • The Herd was the first alliance to have all of its members voted out.
  • The Herd possesed 5 out of the 6 idols in the season, and used all of them to further their chances.

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The Herd