Survivor ORG 36: The Outback
Season 36
Filming Location The Australian Outback
Season Run April 22nd, 2018- June 16th, 2018
Survivors 18
Winner ItsMinnie01
Runner(s)-up FirestoneAC
Tribes Kakadu
Kata Tjuta
Opening Sequence
Series Chronology
Previous Season Survivor ORG 35: Iguazu Falls
Next Season Survivor ORG 37: Tanzania

Survivor: The Outback, also stylized as Survivor: The Outback- Make Your Mark, is the thirty-sixth installment in the Koror ORG Survivor series.

The Outback started off as a slow season, but excelled in the post merge thanks to its power shifts and shocking blindsides. The season featured a cast of wild characters, strong leaders, and strategic masterminds. Despite being a season full of underdog and redemption arcs, in the end, the winner was crowned in a landslide based on their all around excellent gameplay and mastering of the "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" characteristics. In summary, the season began as one of the worst, but quickly turned around and became one of the greater Koror ORG newbie seasons.


The season was announced on February 4th, 2018, as a part of Koror ORG's 4th anniversary.


  • Make Your Mark- This season, the castaways will be given the ability to shape their fate, by voting pre-season on which on twists to come into play, and the overall structure of the game. Other decisions will also be introduced during the contestants' time in the game. Some of the twists and gameplay mechanics the contestants decided on include:
    • Tribe Designations- On Day 0, the contestants were given the option of choosing their tribes by selecting from a group of boomerangs. They also chose the number of tribes (3) for the season in their applications, with a 61% vote.
    • Redemption Ridge- Following the first tribal council, the players were informed that they had decided on a second chance twist in their applications. With 45% of the vote, Redemption Ridge won. When a player gets voted out from Tribal Council, that player will not be eliminated right away. Instead, the said contestant will go to the Ridge, where he will fend for himself during his entire stay. When the next person gets voted out, the two players will compete in a "duel". The winner gets to stay at the Ridge, while the loser is eliminated from the game for good. At a certain point, the last person standing will return to the main game and will continue their pursuit of the title of Sole Survivor.
    • Schoolyard Pick- On Day 6, the players' decision for their method of swapping tribes was revealed. With 33% of the vote, a Schoolyard Pick style swap won. The players then competed in a reward challenge to earn the title of team captain. The captain with the higher score would not only get to choose their team first, but also win an idol clue for their new adversaries.
    • Mutiny- On Day 13, the contestants were offered the choice of staying on their current tribe, or switching to the other tribe. Their choice was to be kept secret until the reveal of the new tribes. If too many people switched, a regular tribe swap would take place instead.
    • End Game- The players voted before the season whether they wanted to compete for a Final Two or Final Three end game. 61% of the cast voted for a Final Three, and the news was given to the remaining players at the Final 4 tribal council.
  • Double Elimination- On Day 22, the merged castaways were subjected to a Double Elimination, where the tribe was divided into two groups of five and two castaways would be eliminated through two separate Tribal Councils on a single night. One immunity winner would be crowned for each tribe, and idols or other items could be handed off across "tribal" lines.
  • Hidden Immunity Idols - Hidden Immunity Idols will be in play this season. One idol for each tribe will be hidden at its respective main camp.
  • No Escape - Players are not allowed to quit the game. They must ask to be voted out by their tribe at the following tribal council if they wish to leave.


KororS36 TreyS36 LexS36
Koror Trey Lex


Castaway Tribe Affiliation Finish Redemption Ridge Votes
Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Post-Mutiny Merged Tribe
ZacharyS36 David34
"Zachary" USFlag
Arkaroola 1st Voted Off
Day 3
1st Eliminated
Day 6
AnnabelleS36 Brighterblu
"Annabelle" USFlag
Arkaroola 2nd Voted Off
Day 5
2nd Eliminated
Day 6
RafaelS36 R2006510
"Rafael" PhilippinesFlag
Arkaroola Arkaroola 3rd Voted Off
Day 8
3rd Eliminated
Day 9
HarryS36 AquaSoloSky
"Harry" UKFlag
Uluru Kakadu 5th Voted Off
Day 10
4th Eliminated
Day 11
NicoS36 nicok14
"Nico" ArgentinaFlag
Uluru Arkaroola 6th Voted Off
Day 12
5th Eliminated
Day 14
AaronS36 Aathirsty
"Aaron" USFlag
Kakadu Kakadu Kakadu 7th Voted Off
Day 15
6th Eliminated
Day 17
MatthewS36 Msimmo
"Matthew" AustraliaFlag
Kakadu Kakadu Kakadu Kata Tjuta 8th Voted Off
Day 18
7th Eliminated
Day 23
1st Jury Member
MateuszS36 Singersky89
"Mateusz" UKFlag
Arkaroola Kakadu Kakadu 10th Voted Off
Day 24
8th Eliminated
Day 26
2nd Jury Member
HaroldS36 ItsHosuke
"Harold" SingaporeFlag
Arkaroola Kakadu Kakadu 11th Voted Off
Day 24
9th Eliminated
Day 26
3rd Jury Member
JessicaS36 LoverOfAllTheTurtles
"Jessica" USFlag
Uluru Kakadu Kakadu 9th Voted Off
Day 21
10th Eliminated
Day 29
4th Jury Member
MattS36 MrMatthewg11
"Matt" USFlag
Kakadu Arkaroola Arkaroola 12th Voted Off
Day 27
11th Eliminated
Day 31
5th Jury Member
EdvinS36 TacoBear28
"Edvin" USFlag
Arkaroola Arkaroola Arkaroola 13th Voted Off
Day 30
12th Eliminated
Day 33
6th Jury Member
RasdS36 BlackberryAndRaspberries
"Rasd" USFlag
Uluru Kakadu The Ridge 4th Voted Off
Day 8
1st Returnee
Day 17
15th Voted Off
Day 34
7th Jury Member
JaredS36 Jayrodstantdog
"Jared" USFlag
Kakadu Arkaroola Arkaroola 14th Voted Off
Day 32
2nd Returnee
Day 33
16th Voted Off
Day 36
8th Jury Member
JonasS36 Polakuj
"Jonas" CzechRepublicFlag
Kakadu Kakadu Kakadu 17th Voted Off
Day 38
9th Jury Member
GloS36 Gloglo1952
"Glo" USFlag
Kakadu Arkaroola Arkaroola Co-Runner Ups
Day 39
AndreS36 FirestoneAC
"Andre" PhilippinesFlag
Uluru Arkaroola Kakadu 13
MinnieS36 ItsMinnie01
"Minnie" IrelandFlag
Uluru Arkaroola Arkaroola Sole Survivior
Day 39

Episode GuideEdit

# Title Redemption Ridge Challenge Eliminated Vote Finish
Inhabitant Challenger Eliminated Finish Reward Immunity
1 "The Worst Tribe in
Koror ORG History"
None Uluru Zachary 2-2-1-1;
1st Voted Off
Day 3
2 "I Hope We Don't Become a
Matsing Anytime Soon"
Zachary Kakadu Annabelle 5-0 2nd Voted Off
Day 5
3 "Trey Is a Cyberbully" Zachary Annabelle Zachary 1st Eliminated
Day 6
Edvin Jonas Rafael 7-1 3rd Voted Off
Day 8
Annabelle 2nd Eliminated
Day 6
Rasd Matt Rasd 6-1-1 4th Voted Off
Day 8
4 "You Mess With The Bull,
You Get The Horns"
Rafael Rasd Rafael 3rd Eliminated
Day 9
Arkaroola Harry 6-1 5th Voted Off
Day 10
5 "Eat a Fat Pig Vagina!" Rasd Harry Harry 4th Eliminated
Day 11
Kakadu Nico 6-1 6th Voted Off
Day 12
6 "I'm Going to Screeeeeech" Rasd Nico Nico 5th Eliminated
Day 14
Arkaroola Aaron 3-3-1;
7th Voted Off
Day 15
7 "Glo's My Mama" Rasd Aaron Aaron 6th Eliminated
Day 17
None Minnie Matthew 4-0 8th Voted Off
Day 18
Rasd 1st Returnee
Day 17
8 "Half This Cast is on
Prescription Meds"
Matthew Edvin Jessica 6-3-1-1 9th Voted Off
Day 21
9 "What is This? Ghost Island?" Matthew Jessica Matthew 7th Eliminated
Day 23
None Matt Mateusz 4-1 10th Voted Off
Day 24
Andre Harold 4-1 11th Voted Off
Day 24
10 "I WILL END........YOU" Jessica Mateusz Mateusz 8th Eliminated
Day 26
Minnie Matt 4-2-1-1 12th Voted Off
Day 27
Harold Harold 9th Eliminated
Day 26
11 "The New Order" Jessica Matt Jessica 10th Eliminated
Day 29
Andre Edvin 4-2-1 13th Voted Off
Day 30
12 "She Sucks So Many Balls" Matt Edvin Matt 11th Eliminated
Day 31
Jonas Jared 2-2-2;
14th Voted Off
Day 32
13 "Time to Let the Cat Out of the Bag" Edvin Jared Edvin 12th Eliminated
Day 33
Jonas Rasd 3-1-0 15th Voted Off
Day 34
Jared 2nd Returnee
Day 33
14 "Falling at the Very Last Hurdle" None Jonas Jared 3-2 16th Voted Off
Day 36
Glo Jonas 2-2;
17th Voted Off
Day 38
15 "Reunion (The Outback)" Jury Vote Glo 9-0-0 Co-Runner Ups
Minnie Sole Survivor

Voting HistoryEdit

Survivor: The Outback Voting History
Original Tribes Swapped Tribes Post-Mutiny Merged Tribe
Vote: 2-2-1-1 2-1 5-0 7-1 6-1-1 6-1 6-1 3-3-1 4-1 4-0 6-3-1-1 4-1 4-1 4-2-1-1 4-2-1 2-2-2 2-1 3-1-0 3-2 2-2 1-1 9-0-0
Episode: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Minnie Rafael Nico Andre Jessica Mateusz Matt Edvin Jared Jared Rasd Jared Jonas Revote
Andre Rafael Nico Aaron Aaron Matthew Jonas Harold Matt Minnie Rasd Revote Rasd Jared Minnie Minnie
Glo Rafael Nico Andre Jessica Harold Glo Rasd Andre Jared Rasd Jared Jonas Jonas
Jonas Rasd Harry Jessica Jessica Andre Jessica Harold Matt Edvin Jared Andre Minnie Minnie Minnie Revote Minnie
Jared Rafael Nico Andre Jonas Harold Matt Edvin Rasd Revote Minnie Minnie Minnie
Rasd Aaron At Ridge Matthew Jessica Mateusz Rasd Edvin Andre Revote Andre Minnie
Edvin Zachary Zachary Annabelle Rafael Nico Andre Jessica Mateusz Andre Rasd At Ridge Minnie
Matt Rafael Nico Andre Jessica Mateusz Glo At Ridge Minnie
Jessica Rasd Harry Jonas Revote Matthew Jonas At Ridge Minnie
Harold Harold Revote Annabelle Rasd Harry Aaron Aaron Andre Harold Jared At Ridge Minnie
Mateusz Zachary Zachary Annabelle Rasd Harry Aaron Aaron Matthew Jared Minnie At Ridge Minnie
Matthew Rasd Harry Jessica Aaron Andre At Ridge Minnie
Aaron Rasd Harry Jessica Revote At Ridge
Nico Rafael Matt At Ridge
Harry Harold Aaron At Ridge
Rafael Harold Harold Annabelle Nico At Ridge
Annabelle Annabelle Revote Annabelle At Ridge
Zachary Mateusz Revote At Ridge


  • The idea for the Make Your Mark twist comes from Suitman's Survivor Wiki.
  • The episodes were named as following:
    • Episode 1- "Koror"
    • Episode 2- "Mateusz"
    • Episode 3- "Edvin"
    • Episode 4- "Matthew"
    • Episode 5- "Nico"
    • Episode 6- "Jessica"
    • Episode 7- "Gloria"
    • Episode 8- "Minnie"
    • Episode 9- "Mateusz"
    • Episode 10- "Edvin"
    • Episode 11- "Jonas"
    • Episode 12- "Jared"
    • Episode 13- "Minnie"
    • Episode 14- "Minnie"
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