Survivor ORG 13: Cappadocia Confessionals.

I'll Rip Out Everyone's WeavesEdit

I vote Dakota, since I know I'm getting the most votes and he's the only member of the tribe I haven't talked with before.


Episode 1 Confessional 1: I love this tribe I feel like I wont be going anywhere for a while. James and I are like BFF's and I feel like I have a good relationship with George, Bryce and Diego hate eachother foir some reason but thats good for me because I know I wont be a target


Confessional: "I'M BACK! IT'S YOUR FAVORITE 8TH PLACER! I came off to a bit of a shaky start. Purry wanted to come with me right off the bat. I wanted our alliance to be 100% secret, but she told DAKOTA of all people. Steve said he had some computer problems ;-;. I like martynas,I think we can be strong as a pair, with brains and brawn. Nick I think I can take with me and martynas, I really like him. Let's see what this start does for our tribe."


Confessional: "if I'm idoled out for a third time, I'll track he/she down and murder them in their sleep"



Well, well, well! Look who's back for another shot at the title of Sole Survivor? This guy! Damn, it's good to be back! The last time I was out here was just heartbreaking. Absolutely depressing. I had to give up my game due to my real life commitments piling and piling up nonstop. I was failing three of my high school classes, and the catalyst to all of my problems was playing in Survivor ORGs. So, I had to let 'em all go, and sadly, Brazil was one of them. But that was one whole year ago. The time is now, ten seasons later, and I'm fully prepared to go all out this time around. I'm gonna pick up exactly where I was pretty much forced to leave off from, and make an emphatic statement in the process. I just wanna show everyone I'm a solid player in the game, ya know what I mean? And being on Isparta? This wonderful, strong, ruthless, and dominant tribe? Is a brilliant start. Not a lot's been going on because of our success. Let's just hope it stays that way. I'm expecting a swap soon. Maybe not next cycle...but soon. Time'll tell, though. But until then, I'm loving the hell out of this tribe!


#confession : well i got some good vibes and bad vibes in this Tribe ... :
Good vibe ..i'm with jennifer again .. even though we don't work together well she's like my survivor girlfirend here .. :
bad vibe : during the last org we played together i bet she's totally pissed at me plus i'm not that close with my tribe that much so probabaly ..i gotta prove my word i can see myself as an early target


Day 1.

Confessional nr 1 Well, looks like i am with a people who....... thinks differently than me. talked a little privately with Reed, Nick and Dakota, and after that - Dakota this morning created "an alliance" chat of... him, me and Nick. yeah, we decided about who to vote, and after i suggested that maybe we need 4-th member to get majority, Dakota's answer was "Purry and Reed are voting with us, after this TC we we have a majority anyway" and Nick instantly agreed.... That's SO short term-thinking! yeah, we MAY have a majority if today's vote if for voting out (not giving HII clue or something like that. as we are just voting for the one, who we think is the weakest). And yeah, we may be able to have numbers UNTIL THE TRIBE SWAP! in 3 tribes format, tribe' get to two tribes ussualy after 4-th TC. and if we are just in alliance of 3 at that point - we probably would get screwed even before the merge.... i don't know, looks like so far Nick is the only trustworthy in this group, but that's just Day 1, i may get with them closer in few days.


Confessional: Well I'm kinda still at a low after my unfortunate Chile boot, but at least I believe I'm off to a good start here. Steve is almost completely absent, so if I had to guess he's where the votes are going... Wait a moment getting messaged by Dakota... Oh damn. It appears Reid may be a dirty liar. I need to investigate this... Um, oh yeah. Reid invited me to an alliance with him and Purry earlier. There was no chat though... Dakota is saying he was added to a chat with him and Purry. Shady shit. I said hi to Dakota yesterday and he responded "So, alliance?" ROFL. So time will tell if he's a good ally, he'll either be a braindead sheep to me, or he's allied with everyone who has acknowledged his existence.

So Dakota tells me he already voted Steve and is asking me if I did yet, like wtf why are you so quick to vote, why have you flip-flopped 20 times in the first 10 minutes, why do you talk consistently in 3 word lowercase messages? I'm figuring shit out with Reid before I vote.


Confessional: I forgot how erratic Reid plays. Jesus... So he admits he was making the alliance without me after saying we were aligned. So now that I've caught him, he wants to drop Purry and start an alliance with me and Martynas. Like... wtf? He explained his story and I believe him, I told him we're good, and I think we are now. But idk if I want to work with him anymore. He's too unpredictable. Our plans rely on whether Koror was serious about us getting a replacement member. If it's Jaylen... Yay! Definite ally. Maybe take out Reid, maybe not. Dakota would be down for it. We'll see. Regardless, the vote is going to be Steve today.


Confessional: It's 3 AM. Dakota just added me to an alliance chat with him and Martynas. WTF is this game XD


So basically Dakota is the most annoying person ever. Him, Martynas, and I are aligned. Yesterday, Martynas wanted Purry out, but I wanted to see if Steve ever responded to my message. We agreed that if Steve wasn't going to fix his issues soon we'd vote him. If not, we'd vote Purry. And so we would wait to see if he's respond.

Dakota would NOT SHUT UP. Like last vote, he wanted to vote as soon as possible and decide right away. We made the decision to wait, then five minutes later he's like "So let's just vote Purry?" and we'd talk for a bit before reaching the same decision. This happened for HOURS. I eventually pretty much told Dakota we were going to sit on it, and to stfu. Even then he was impatient. Ugh. I miss the Smash Bros. That was a great alliance. Can I please go back to Chile?

Anyway, Steve has not responded, so we're voting him out. Decision made.


Day 1: Well fuck, I'm screwed. I got placed on such a shit tribe, Bryce got me booted in Nicaragua, Ali doesn't like me and neither does Tyler M. I know Bryce is being wishy-washy and starting up alliance behind my back so I'm not gonna be surprised when I get votes so all I can hope for is that I won't go home and this is some twist where I get to join another tribe.


Confessional #1 - Day #1

Looking at my tribe and the opposing tribes, I feel as though I got unlucky lmao. I mean, I don't know how good my tribe is at challenges, but Noah and Tyler man! They're beast as fuck! My tribe is SO cute though, I instantly went to Reed because I feel he would be close with me until merge. I'm unsure about Dakota, is he loyal? Is he not? Will he be active? Easy first boot. What can I say. I'm instantly trying to get into the majority, I need to beat my disgusting HVV placement!!!!! I approached Reed and asked him for an alliance, which he accepted. Yas queen yas. I did suggest that we needed majority, so obviously he goes "Pydo" or as he likes to call him "Pie Dough". Like, thats cute. Obviously, I think Reed/Pydo are going to be a massive threat. They're probably close and even closer in the game. I'v never talked to Steve before and Martynas I like. I'm hosting for him right now. But I do think this will be alright, I hope, No tribe switch pls